It’s great to be a girl,A self confident and strong girl:D


So funny that when we failed for an exam ,we could have a good time like this,Go to have beef noodles and karaoke,and go to cinema,lalala,so greatttttttt a time.I like  to sing with my dear friend ,smile and cheer up:D

It was so hot a day,and many of us feel tired and wanna back home,but such a good idea when we keep enjoying my time,in 1.5 hours,we can sing together and I think all of us is the good singer,Love all songs and like it’s great to be a girl:d.Because of good quite cheap :DLike it so much

And the film Carribean’s pirate is pretty good,so excited ,with only 100k we still have pop corn  and mineral water,so great:D

Hik,so bad a writting,but I will keep writting till the day I am be better and better


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