Entry for 28-6:Skype with foreigners

Last night ,I had a really conversation  with Nizam and Lili Yang,some new friends on Paltalk,Nizam is quite strange,he introduce her to me ,and silently listening to the conversation,sometime he helped us to understand each other.hehe

Lili is a Chinese Lecturer,She teach Math in Art and Science Yunnan University .She finished Master Course for one year and has taught for 1 year ,too,She is  the only child ,and is living with her family ,She is very easygoing,kind and friendly,She speaks quite good ,but listens worse a bit.But I really like her.She is talkative and clever .She has plan to learn doctor in Australia or US.

Huhu,I can’t hear Nizam quite well.He is Pakistan,learning Medical in London ,UK,and his accent is really Arabic.I can’t get him much ,but he listen so well,he always understand what I am saying .hihi.Thanks to him .I think I can make aquaitance with many ppl from many country and have more chances to practise English.I think if I am more confident,I can always make improves in English and I can archive my dream:D.

This summer is studying summer,I will sit for all mock TOEIC exam every week and my target is 900 at the beginning of the next schoolyear,I hope I can keep this score and when I have a real exam(which costs 30 $) I can get 990.Hehe.After that I will learn IELTS or TOEFL,I haven’t chosen which exam but I think I will.

Try up ,girl.Find your awesome aspect.You will be okay

I think the topic for tonight is Some English Riddle.hihi.I hope both of them and some other pp will get excited about it.

I like the way Nizam help us,The more,The funnier and the more chance to practice.hihi.Maybe,I will choose some guy and invite him join us.


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