My idol:D

I have just read H’s brother’s fiance-a really interesting woman.Intelligent,humorous,sucessful and happy woman.Like her so much.Have ever wish to be her sister.But it’s over and never come back.

But I bleive that she is still my idols.Want to become a woman as her,self-confident,and self-control…

Try up,you can be what you wanna be.

Now .I can say that my passion now is going to 10 country before I am 30,and get married at 30.I hope I can do it.Start now ,by studying English quite well and  get agood score IELTS,I hope when Trung finish his pre-IELTS course I can pass the entrance exam and learn IELTS class with him.And when I graduate ,I will sit for IELTS exam and fly and say gud bye.Lalala

I hope I will change and be better and better


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