Earning and Spending Money

before C# Exam but I cann’t learn anything just surf web and do some nosense thing!


I am grow up-know about the power of money ,know about passion and many other things

Be more dynamic and try up and up,I hope I can pay for all my expenses and help my parents

I think after this exam,I will find a job,to do only on the vacation earn money enough to buy some clothes in order to make me look better.

Haizzz.it’s a really complicated circle.No money,no good apperance–>No good appearance,no money…

Now I think I will be younger ,prettier… and the new look will make me more confident,more attractive

Do you reemember the Do u like US story.What makes THC lost her girl,because he has no confident because he don’t have the moveless from his soul

And  me,How I lost my man.Haha.An ironically reason is I look like a crazy girl at this time

But now?

It’s over

I am confident -I am attractive- I am have more chánces-I have more money-I have more luxury and meet many greet things- I am more and more confident


think about my income,and expense

I have 1 million,500k in H and 100 k Thùy

590 k Rent house

70k Electricity

200k Dress(Tues’s Eve)

150 Skirt +Shirt(Đội Nhân)

90k Mobiphone

huhu,I don’t lack of money ,but I can’t have now.Maybe I will borrow Hồng




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