Try up

It’s long time since the last post!

I have had an cool works for 3 1.5 months,some clients…Be more attractive,have some compliment…and be more confident !And above all,I forget him totally,no sorrow,no pain…

The milky Flower has faded out,the reason is not winter…

Hoa sữa tàn rồi,lỗi đâu tại mùa đông!

Everything seems tobe so long ago,so far away,just the memory recalls some times.Someone has loved him truly and deeply.And I wish them the best wishes…

I am trying tobe a good saleman.Has a good Client networks..has more contract,..but the more important is more experience..I have to learn how to satify every customer…,guest their moods..and keep the relationship with them.

Try up!

The way is too long  and I am keep walking,Hope one day,I can be grow up,happy and successful:)


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