Lại sắp năm cùng tháng tận rồi!


Gió xoay vòng 1 chiếc lá chưa chịu rơi…

haizz.time pass so fast…and sometimes I have the feeling of not believing in my eyes when see the calender!Oh sh!t.I have archive anything when 2011 is gonna to and end:((

Last night I read two novel!Hik I have Chinese Novel,so complicated,tired and make me feel uncomfortable…But it’s very addictive.they made me stay over night and spend all the today morning to sleep like a pig!lol

Cau than Pricesss/^^ and Phu nu thuc te Dan ong phat cuong!Not really touching impressive …but It became my motivation to lose weight!I think I am more beautiful and attrative!But it’s better to lose about 5 kg!Haizzz!Try up!I will be prettier and more confident:D

Try up


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