Consider about learning IELTS

I have just get the result of TOEIC score,775 hik ,only get 30 marks higher than the last time I take the exam ,not as high as I expects.But without any revision ,any tips I think it tell me my real posiblity!!!!

I just have a look at the convertion of TOEIC,IELTS and TOEFL …775 ~6.5 Hik????So unbelievable I think 775 is about 5.5 in IELTS…I am considering about them:((.Will I have a course together with T ?or I will teach myself???

I think I have to register for a courcưe of writting and Speaking because these skills need the evaluation of the teacher or a partner to study together????But is it the right time?

At the first point !!I don’t have much time.When I have to finish the Aptech cource,a lot of projects in Mta and many things?How Do I get time for my pleasure?Can I finish the course well  and learn the major knowledge?????

At the second point!the certification is only valuable in 2 year???When I graduate MTA and find a valuable job,can it be used in my CV in only one year???If I join this course I will take the exam in DEC 2012???

Haizzz,I will have the Sample test onlien and if I get 6.0 band I will take this course .OK?


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